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6 Best Small Propane Grill – Buying Guide

For those who love to cook, or find it useful to own a convenient cooking appliance such as when you have get-togethers – it’s vital that you choose the correct tools. Take for instance, when you want to make convenient briskets, fillets, bacon or even sausages, you need to get a proper cooking appliance. In this case, the best small propane grill is an excellent suggestion for your needs. Even though these grills are compact in weight, they make for robust additions to your cooking regimen. 

Usually, most of them come with excellent cooking surfaces and a host of various other convenient features for your needs. Being able to consider these factors, and choosing the right product brands can save you a lot of hassle. We have narrowed down some useful information for you to consider.

How to Buy the Best Small Propane Grill

Before you can buy an excellent grill for your needs, there are a few key factors to consider to ensure the best cookout experience. Let’s get started:


While you want to get a compact grill, you also need a grill to be solid and should feature portable design features such as ergonomic handles. More so, the small size of the grill should never cause any compromise on its ability to grill good food. On the contrary, it should help maintain the heat size close to the cooking surface, to make the grill much more energy efficient. Such a grill design is convenient for various places such as small decks, patios and any place with limited space. Whether you want a grill for the beach, fishing, or even for camping, size is indeed a key factor to consider when buying a portable grill.

Material Construction and Heat Control

A good grill is also made using durable material, that can take anything that you throw at it. This is why you want to go for a grill made using purely stainless-steel material, and is light in weight. In fact, the grill should be light enough to transport even in a small car. Heat control is also another crucial factor to consider buying the grill. Thus, the grill should also feature a thermometer and customizable burner knobs for convenient heat control. Whether you are warming, roasting or searing, this feature makes things highly comfortable. Your ability to start the grill should also be made convenient, especially with features such as a twist start automatic ignition. This way, you never require matches when you want to start the grill.

Grilling Capabilities

Aside from temperature control, the ability to customize the cooking surface is also a key factor to consider. Usually, most good grills come with a stainless-steel cooking surface, which offers optimal heat distribution. You should also expect to enjoy the benefits of a two-burner system, which can heat up to well over 700 degrees and more. Usually, the heat levels of the burners are classified under the BTU metric, which is a crucial factor to consider. The best burners average between 6,000 to 20,000 BTUs. Some brands even go as far as including two or three burners on the machine. This way, you can cook different types of meals at the same time, and with the convenience of a temperature control mechanism.

Ease of Use Features

The best small propane grill should also be ready for grilling in minutes, and it should be simple to start as well. The characteristic ease of use features that you should expect on a proper grill includes folding legs, locking cover, carrying handle and more. This way, you have a reliable grill for camping, tailgating, camping, the beach and more. For those who want to roast large meats on a small propane burner, consider going for the two-burner grills. These grills are perfect for large meats such as turkey, briskets, and more. Usually, these grills use a unique cooking system to achieve optimal heating results. The heat first moves to the hot burner, and then to cool sides of the unit. This way, your meat cooks in the same way it would on an oven-like environment.

How to Cook on a Camping Grill

  1. You have to clean the grill thoroughly with some water, even if the grill is new
  2. Ensure that all the grills are clean to stop any flare ups and issue such as hot spots
  3. Turn on the grill, and ensure the cooking surface Is clean as well. Remember to check the gas connection as well.
  4. Preheat the grill to your chosen cooking temperature. Each grill brand is unique and consider starting with the lowest settings. Then increase the heat gradually, as you adjust to the cooking process.
  5. The preheating temperatures vary in relation to the specific grill brand. However, the grill should be ready for use in less than 10 minutes. Outdoor conditions also play a significant role in preheating, and you might have to experiment with your grill.
  6. Apply cooking on the surface. It is recommended that you use oils that are suitable for excessive heating. The common ones include avocado, peanut and grape seed oil.
  7. Put the food on the cooking surface, and start enjoying the process. If you have any other questions, then consider consulting with the specific grill brand.

Top 6 Small Propane Grill Reviews

cuisinart cgg-180tb

Cuisinart CGG-180TB Petit Gourmet Portable Tabletop Gas Grill, Black

The Cuisinart CGG-180TB Portable Gas Grill is an excellent addition to your cooking regimen

Equipped with a 145 square inch porcelain-enameled cooking grate, this unit makes up for an efficient cooking surface. The enameled grates provide a spacious cooking surface, which can accommodate large amounts of food at one time. With its 5,500 BTU burner, this unit provides optimal power, and it also heats up fast. The grilling surface on this unit offers exceptional heat distribution, and it’s also easy to clean.

Startup is also a breeze. With just the simple twist of an electric start ignition, you can have this cooking surface ready for your cooking needs. The small propane grill is also compact, with a weight of 17lbs, such that you can take it everywhere you go. The inclusion of folding legs, provide a stable surface and durable base for the grill while in use. You can also fold the grill easily for convenient storage. 

This unit also boasts of various unique set up features. The grill stand sets up and packs away in seconds, and it also comes with an integrated lid lock. The pronounced briefcase-style handle also makes the CG-180TB grill simple to transport to your yard or camp. The heavy duty grill design means that this unit is used to getting tossed around as you move outdoors.

The Good

  • Comes with 5,500 BTU burner and twist to start ignition
  • Compact design and weighs 17lsb
  • Durable folding legs make it easy to store
  • Briefcase style carrying handle for secure transport

The Bad

  • The handles warm up when the grill cooks for long
  • The metric readings on the knob are small

Other Considerations

weber 54060001 q2200

Weber 54060001 Q2200 Liquid Propane Grill

Are you in the market for a compact propane grill for your needs? Introducing the Weber Q2200 liquid propane grill, which offers excellent features for preparing meals.

Offering an exceptional 280 square inches of space, this unit is perfect for cooking many meals at the same time. Furthermore, the propane grill also comes with a stainless-steel burner, that can produce an exceptional 12,000 BTU of power. To make things better, the Q2200 also has porcelain-enamelled grates, which are both durable and easy to clean. 

With the electric ignition, starting this machine up becomes a simple process. It even comes with an in-built thermometer, which will provide accurate temperature readings each time. You will also appreciate the two folding work tables, which make cooking a convenient and straightforward process. The inclusion of split grates makes it easy to achieve combination cooking results. You just have to replace one of the grates, and experience a unique way to prepare your breakfast meals. 

The Weber brand has also done well to incorporate this unit with a host of unique features for your convenience. For instance, the grill can operate of disposable LP cylinders, which makes it highly convenient. It also has a cast iron aluminium body and rugged design, which ensures years of reliable cooking performance.

The Good

  • 280 square inches of cooking space
  • Stainless steel burner delivers 12,000 BTU
  • Porcelain-enamelled cast iron grates
  • Electric ignition with an inbuilt thermometer

The Bad

  • Could use nonskid grill feet
  • The burner could use nonstick benefits
char-broil grill2go x200

Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 Portable TRU-Infrared Liquid Propane Gas Grill

Grilling on the go is now a possible feat, all thanks to the functionality of the Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 portable grill.

This unit will help you ignite your taste buds anywhere you are hungry. It’s a roadworthy powerhouse, and it does not mind getting tossed around. Why? This all thanks to the rugged construction and latching lid that is included in this unit. Whether you want to survive an adventure in the canyon or engage in competitive tailgating, the X200 is perfect for your needs. 

You will also appreciate the inbuilt and push-button ignition, which won’t require any batteries to ignite the burner. This unit also does not require any batteries to ignite the burner, and a portable 16.4 oz LP cylinder powers it. 

Thanks to the lightweight and straightforward grill design, this unit lets you cook your favourite foods with ease. You can use it for fishing, tailgating, camping and more. Weighing in at less than 20 pounds, and capable of providing 200 square inches of space, this unit is an excellent addition to your kitchen. The Grill2Go X2OO propane grill also comes with a quick ignition button, such it heats up for fast your cooking

Equipped with a die-cast firebox and aluminium lid, this unit can easily take anything that you throw at it. It even has a cover that is hinged to the rest of the grill, to keep things simple when you have a small amount of space but want to cook. More so, the large handle let you open and close the lid safely each time.

The Good

  • High impact frame with legs and carry handles
  • No flare-up TRU infrared cooking system
  • 200 square inch stainless steel grate
  • Cast aluminium firebox with lid

The Bad

  • The aluminium firebox warms up significantly
  • You might need to gloves to change the grill or griddle
giantex propane tabletop gas grill

Giantex Propane Tabletop Gas Grill Stainless Steel Two-Burner BBQ

Discover the excellence of using the Giantex Propane Tabletop grill, which is perfect for various types of cooking.

This unit comes with a stainless-steel grill, which will provide well over 430 square inches of cooking space. Even more, this unit comes with two push and turn ignition burners, which make the machine easy to start up. You will also appreciate that this machine can provide well over 20,000 total BTUs of power, and can reach high temperatures fast.

The design construction of a grill is also crucial. For this reason, the Giantex Grill is not only suitable for cooking, but it also has an ultra-stylish design. This way, you get to cook with both style and functionality. The grill also comes with unique heat control knobs, that make it easy to customize the cooking temperature levels. For anyone who wants to grill food every time, this grill sets up fast and it’s also easy to clean. 

Thanks to the foldable legs and lockable lid, this unit is easy to transport, even in limited space. Owning a fully functional grill can be an excellent investment for your needs. This is especially true if you have to cook outdoors during activities such as camping or tailgating. For this reason, the Giantex Propane grills has a lightweight design and locking good which provides convenient transportation benefits.

The Good

  • Two burner stainless steel grill offers a large cooking surface
  • Two push and turn ignition burners
  • Foldable design and lockable hood
  • Durable grill design offers longevity

The Bad

  • N/A
cuisinart cgg-306 professional tabletop gas grill

Cuisinart CGG-306 Professional Tabletop Gas Grill

This list of cooking appliances would not be complete with a Cuisinart Product. This is why the Cuisinart CGG-306 tabletop gas grill is an excellent recommendation for y our needs.

This grill is easy to set up, and can be ready for your grilling projects in less than 10 minutes. Even more, the grill can produce an exceptional 20,000 BTU of power, which makes it suitable for making different types of meals. Each burner can provide 10, 000BTU of power, and you activate them using electronic ignition.

There are a few key features that you can only find on high-end grills. This is why the CGG-306 comes with stainless steel grates, that can cook large pieces of meat with ease. Even more, this unit is lightweight and weighs 22lbs, which makes it easy to move around. It also features a locking cover, folding legs and comfortable handle, which make also enhance portability. Setting up the cylinder is also easy, and the grill also comes with a safe gas connection mechanism.

For heat control, this unit features an adjustable burner and integrated thermometer. These two components are suitable for heat control and are highly convenient to use. Moreover, the presence of a twist ignition function means that you never have to use any matches when starting the machine.

The Good

  • Simple to set up and heavy-duty design
  • Two burner system delivers 20,000 BTU total
  • Stainless steel grate is suitable for large meats
  • Weighs only 22lbs to make it portable

The Bad

  • Somewhat heavy in size
  • Poorly positioned heat controls
megamaster 820-0033m propane gas grill

Megamaster 820-0033M Propane Gas Grill, Stainless Steel

Change how you enjoy your outdoor meals with the Megamaster 820-0033M propane gas grill. This unit comes with many unique features that should make cooking outdoors a simple process.

For instance, the rugged and portable design makes this unit easy to transport for outdoor activities. Simply put, the 820-0033M propane gas grill loves adventuring outdoors more than you do. Made using stainless steel material, this grill will offer several years of reliable performance. 

Inside, it provides an outstanding 199 sq. Inches of cooking space. It also comes with dual stainless-steel burners, which are controlled independently with a push ignition system. Each burner can supply over 10,000 BTUs of heating power. The two foldable legs on this unit mean that you can grill wherever you can find a level surface. The Megamster grill also has a heavy duty design, which means it is built to handle transportation to different places.

Perhaps one of the most important factors to consider when buying a grill is that is should be easy to clean after the cooking process. For this reason, this best grill is designed to be easy to clean, which makes it perfect for various types of outdoor cookouts. The cool-touch handles on the grill mean that it never heats up, and is easy to move even when cooking.

The Good

  • Rugged and portable propane grill
  • Durable stainless-steel lid is easy to lock
  • Foldable legs allow for compact storage
  • Heavy duty and durable grill design

The Bad

  • Could use non skid feet
  • Customizing the temperature setting is not easy

Final Verdict

Making good decisions is crucial if you want to enjoy the best foods. There are various types of grill sizes, and each suit specific cooking applications. The best small propane grills are ideal for outdoor cooking activities such as camping, get-togethers, camps and more. Before getting a grill, ensure that you consider your needs, and the features you should expect on the grill. The grill should be compact and be simple to move around.

This way, you get a good grill that is up to the task and is also simple to use. Get a good grill, and start enjoying seared meats and well-roasted chicken.