best grill covers

Best Grill Covers

Whether its pool parties, summer nights, or backyard barbecues, you always have your grill with you. However, if you always leave it uncovered outdoors, then it’s likely to be prone to damage. These include damage from various elements, including sunlight exposure, snow, water damage, and various other extreme weather issues.

While grills are often made using high-quality materials, keeping them safe is easy when you have the best grill covers. These covers are simple to use and can extend the longevity of your grills such as the Classic Accessories 73912 grill. Below is a comprehensive guide to help you in selecting the right type for your needs:

Best Grill Covers – Editors Picks Comparison Chart


Classic Accessories

  • Comes with padded handles for comfort
  • Has a matching webbing for a great look 
  •  Equipped with custom fit straps at the front


  • Heavy duty protective grill that is durable
  • Made using 600D heavy duty material
  • Has a rip resistant and UV protected design


  • Can cover grills of over 60 inches wide in size
  • Has an ultra-premium and heavy-duty cover design
  • Made using 24 mil polyester fabric material
  • Comes with sealed seams for optimal water resistance

Simple Houseware

  • Made using 600D polyester fabric for longevity
  • Comes with 2-inch-wide fastener straps on either side
  • Suitable for almost any grill type design

Top 7 Grill Covers Review 2021

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Classic Accessories 73912 Veranda 58 Inch BBQ Grill Cover

Increase the longevity of your modern grill with the Classic Accessories 73912 Water Resistant Grill Cover. The grill comes with padded handles, matching webbing, and high density stitching for durability.

To be specific, the matching webbing, also does well to enhance the look and appeal of the grill cover. Designed to be dynamic, this unit can fit various types of grills. For instance, it can fit the E-310, E-320, Weber Genesis Silver B models and more. 

The Classic Accessories Grill has an adjustable hem and straps so you can fit around your grill with ease. With its reinforced and padded handles, this grill is easy to set up on your chosen grill. On top of that, the gusseted and self-supported vents are perfect for weather control purposes. Thus, you can leave your grill outdoors, without any compromise to the exterior finish or structure. 

Designed to suit different applications, this unit has an elegant fabric top and a water repellant skirt. It’s a mechanism that ensures water never collects at the bottom of the grill cover. The Classic Accessories 73912 cover also features air vents inside to provide wind lofting and condensation benefits. 

The Good

  • Comes with padded handles for comfort
  • Has a matching webbing for a great look 
  • Equipped with custom fit straps at the front

The Bad

  • The rear straps are short

Runners Up

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VicTsing Grill Cover, 58-Inch Waterproof BBQ Cover

The VicTsing Grill Cover makes up for an excellent way to promote the longevity of your Grill. It’s a grill cover that you can use on your Char Broil, Kenmore, Holland, or Jenn Air Grill.

Furthermore, made using 600D heavy duty material, you have a water-resistant and dustproof cover. Plus, the excellent cover design protects your grill from elements such as sand storms, wind, rain, and more.

With this high-performance cover, you can keep your grill protected regardless of the season. It even has a nylon sticker, which you will find easy to strap on the sides of the grill. It’s a useful feature that helps maintain the stability of the grill during the windy season.

The rip resistant and UV protect design is also another outstanding feature of this unit. It has high-density stitching that can resist exposure to various types of elements. Plus, the cover comes with padded handles and straps that help ensure the grill stays in place all the time.

The Good

  • Heavy duty protective grill that is durable
  • Made using 600D heavy duty material
  • Has a rip resistant and UV protected design

The Bad

  • N/A

Also Remember

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Char-Broil 3-4 Burner Large Rip-Stop Grill Cover

Char Broil is a top-ranking brand when it comes to making excellent kitchen products and accessories. Thus, our list of covers would not have been complete without the Char Broil 3-4 Burner Grill Cover.

It’s a heavy-duty grill that can fit 3-4 burner gas grills and smokers over 60 inches wide. Plus, with its ultra-premium heavy-duty design, the 24-mil polyester fabric and interior coating protect your cover from the elements.

With its long and adjustable side straps, you have a cover that ensures a secure fit over your grill, regardless of the weather. Plus, the inclusion of a rip stop cover offers excellent UV protection and fade resistance benefits. 

Even if you plan to use this grill cover in rainy conditions, you can be sure it will withstand any such complications. The good thing is that it has a unique finish that also complements your yard space’s functionality. You won’t have a low quality grill cover staring back at you when have this unit.

The Good

  • Can cover grills of over 60 inches wide in size
  • Has an ultra-premium and heavy-duty cover design
  • Made using 24 mil polyester fabric material
  • Comes with sealed seams for optimal water resistance

The Bad

  • Could use a much more durable finish
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Simple Houseware BBQ Grill Cover (55")

Your grill is safe when you have the Simple Houseware BBQ grill cover. Made using heavy duty material, this grill cover will be there for many years.

The grill also features handles and 2-inch-wide fastener straps on each side for convenient setup. The grill cover sets up easy and is not prone to any issues that may arise from excessive levels of wind.

You can use it to cover various types of grills, and the heavy-duty material can withstand UV exposure and dust. The good thing about the simplehouseware grill cover is that it’s also stretchable. Thus, this means it can adjust to accommodate the specific size of your grill.

If you plan on leaving the entire set up outdoors, you will be pleased to know this material can resist exposure to various weather elements. You can leave it in the rain, and the water repellant material will ensure your grill stays dry.

The Good

  • Made using 600D polyester fabric for longevity
  • Comes with 2-inch-wide fastener straps on either side
  • Suitable for almost any grill type design

The Bad

  • Not suitable for the small grill types
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iCOVER 600D Grill Cover BBQ Grill Cover

Improve the longevity of your grill with the Icover 600d Grill Cover, which features heavy duty material for longevity.

Made using an upgraded ripstop 600D polyester fabric, the grill is waterproof and resistant to the elements. Whether its preventing water, dust, or snow getting through to the grill, you can always rely on the Icover 600D grill.

Thanks to the reinforced double stitches, you have a cover that is durable even when used on a daily basis. Plus, the cover can also withstand the sharp edges on the grill. With its large air vents, you are sure that moisture and condensation won’t accumulate in the grill. Also, the special design also reduces the likelihood of the grill cover getting blow off when in use. 

Averaging at 60 inches wide, this grill cover can suit different types of grills. These include Jenn Air, Holland, Char Broil and Weber. 

The Good

  • Made using heavy duty waterproof material
  • Comes with an upgraded 600D ripstop oxford fabric
  • The UV coating helps protect you from sunlight exposure

The Bad

  • Fades easily when exposed to lots of rain
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Weber Spirit II 300 Grill Cover

You can improve the longevity of your grill when you have the Weber Spirit II 300 Grill Cover. It’s a grill cover that comes with UV inhibitors that can resist a hose of degradation issues.

These include issues such as fading, which occur after several days of use. Furthermore, the cover is also well ventilated, to keep your feet comfortable.

Any savvy cooking enthusiast will know the Weber brand ranks among some of the leading cooking appliance brands on the market. Thus, we knew this list would not be complete without the Weber Spirit II 300 Series Grill Cover. 

When buying a grill cover, remember to evaluate the material construction and ensure it will provide longevity. The material is breathable and water-resistant material does well to protect the grill from the elements. Designed to be dynamic, this grill cover is perfect for the all the Weber Series grills and more.

The Good

  • Comes with UV inhibitors that can resist fading issues
  • The material is breathable and water resistant to protect it from the elements
  • Has a fastening strap to help keep the cover in place
  • Fits various types of weber grills

The Bad

  • Has an unusual scent when new
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Grillman Premium BBQ Grill Cover

With well over 13,000 excellent ratings on Amazon, it’s easy to see why the Grillman Premium Grill would be perfect for your modern kitchen.

It’s the perfect cover for when you have a Weber, Char Broil or Brinkman BBQ grill. The material has an extra wide design, which ensures it will fit most grill brands you find on the market.

To be specific, the heavy-duty PVC lined Oxford material is waterproof, to make the cover tear and UV-resistant. Thus, you have a reliable way to cover your grill for many years. Also, you will never have to worry about the wind taking off with your grill cover. Why? It’s because the fabric hook and loop straps are easy to tighten for the right fit.

You will be pleased with the inclusion of convenient side straps that make it easy to tighten the cover around the grill. The cover is easy to clean and you can spray it with water. Once you are through, let it dry in the sun and it won’t cause any compromise on the material quality. 

The Good

  • Has an extra wide design to provide the perfect fit
  • Made using heavy duty material for longevity
  • Designed to be wind resistant and provide a secure fit

The Bad

  • N/A

What Should I Look for in A Grill Cover?

In a minute, we shall be looking at some of the best grill covers you can choose. First off, let us start with the key features to look out for:


It’s one of the instances when size is crucial when you want to get a grill cover. The cover should provide a snug fit, but it should not be overly tight to make it difficult to set up. If you have to stretch it excessively for it to fit, then it’s a tight cover. The last thing is having to struggle with a cover during the onset of a storm – thus increasing the risk of damaging any components on the grill.

Also, ensure the cover is not overly large or loose when setting it up. While it may be easy to set up, you may have to struggle with moisture complications that can cause mildew or mold. In some cases, the cover might end up in the wind during a windstorm, and send it careening across your yard. 

Go for one that will provide a close fit, while also be tight enough to avoid any issues with the wind. Thus, it would be good if you determine the dimensions of your grill, and choose the right type to match.


Since the grill will probably sit in an open space such as the garage, patio or backyard, its good to go for a cover that’s also appealing. After all, setting up a large barbecue might require lots of real estate – especially if you will have lots of friends and family. Thus, who wants to sit in the yard, with unsightly cover staring back at them?

Aesthetics is all about being subjective, so we know this section boils down to your specific preferences. Just remember that you will be coming across this cover regularly as you move around your home. Remember that an appealing cover is nothing if it’s prone to weather elements – move the section on UV protection below.


If you like to grill on a regular basis, then it’s likely that you will be setting this cover up several times during the week. It’s possible that you won’t have the time or effort to set it up gently each time. Thus, since the cover will also be exposed to the elements on a regular basis, ensure you choose one made using heavy duty material.

Go for a cover that has excellent stitching, durable and dense materials. Finding thin covers is easy, but they are only good for short term purposes. If you really care about your investment, for dense material that can withstand issues such as scratches and more.

Usually, materials such a polyester, PVC, nylon and more are excellent recommendations. The most commonly used metric in this category would be the Dernier, which often has the indication of “D.” The higher the D, the denser the material will be, with most materials averaging at 600D.

Waterproof and UV Protection

Just as previously discussed, moisture is among the key challenges facing your grill. If you live in dry areas, rain and snow won’t be complications. However, for the remaining people, a heavy-duty cover is important if you plan on storing your grill outdoors. 

Unless, you don’t care about the exterior finish of your grill, go for a cover that provides UV protection. Plus, since most barbecuing activities occur outdoors, you are sure the grill will be exposed to the sun, and its UV rays regularly. Without the right protection, the color of the cover will fade in no time. Plus, the cover might also degrade over time, and you might end up with a blotchy cover. Not necessarily the right choice for starting a picnic on your patio.

Remember that regular exposure to the sun, such as in the locations in the desert will increase the degradation levels of the cover. 

Tips for Using a Grill Cover Safely

Using a grill cover means that you have to be cautious for a safe experience. Below are some tips to get you started:

  • Never cover the grill when it’s still hot or warm – keeping the grill covered can lead to fires or even burn the cover
  • Ensure you use the side straps as recommended – these are mechanisms that help secure the cover regardless of the weather pattern 
  • Never use grill covers over each other – never use two grill covers at the same time, as this can compromise their functionality
  • Avoid washing the grill cover – a washing machine is useful to avoid compromising the material quality 
  • If it does not fit – get a new one to avoid any future challenges in grill storage. Thus, its good to go for one size larger to make things convenient.

Best Grill Covers: Final Thoughts

The first step, which was a hassle, was in selecting the right grill for barbecue Saturdays or the holidays. If you want to improve your grill’s longevity, we also recommend that you get one of the best grill covers. Why? It’s because these covers will protect your grill from the elements such as rain or dust. While most grills are designed to resist such issues, overexposure to them can have adverse side effects on your grill structure.