best built in grills

Best Built In Grills

The summer is here, and the warm weather season is just around the corner. For cooking enthusiasts, what does this mean? Well, it means its official grilling season. Whether you are a novice griller or a pitmaster, you are probably wondering how you can make the ideal grill station.

There is no need to allow the size of space or budget to interfere with your ability to grill your favorite foods. In this guide, we have identified some of the best built in grills you can consider on the consumer market. When you have one of these grills, cooking becomes a highly convenient and fulfilling process. 

On top of that, we have also identified lots of additional information to help you make informed decisions when investing in a grill. 

Top Pick

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Bull Outdoor Products BBQ 47629 Angus 75,000 BTU Grill Head, Natural Gas

You can now make your cooking experience highly convenient, all thanks to the Bull Outdoor Products 47629 grill.

It’s a powerful stainless four-burner gas grill that also has a rotisserie for convenient use. Furthermore, the grill is also made using 16 gauge 304 stainless material, to provide several years of reliable cooking performance. You will also be pleased with the fact that this grill comes with four burners that will deliver a total of 75,000 BTUs of cooking power.

A good grill should provide dynamic cooking methods. Thus, this is why this grill comes with a 600 square inch cooking area, plus a 210 square inch warming rack. Yes, that’s right! With this grill, you have more than sufficient space for preparing your meals. 

If you love cooking whole birds or other large pieces of meat, you will also appreciate the unique rotisserie on this grill. More so, the stainless steel cooking grates and full-size drip tray ensures your meats cook with the best flavor results. Plus, the makers of this unit have done well to include twin internal lights, which you can use to monitor the cooking process.

The Good

  • Comes with four burners with a rotisserie
  • Made using 16 gauge 304 stainless steel metal
  • Can deliver 75,000 BTUs of cooking power
  • Equipped with a 600 square inch cooking area and 210-inch warming rack 

The Bad

  • Cleaning the warming rack is not easy

Another Top Pick

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Bull Outdoor Products BBQ 57569 Brahma 90,000 BTU Grill Head, Natural Gas

Realize what you have been missing in your kitchen when you finally get the Bull Outdoor Products BBQ 57569 grill.

The grill is powerful and can deliver well over 90, 000 BTUs of cooking power – perfect for the modern-day kitchen environment. Furthermore, the grill heats up fast and also cleans up quickly to make it ideal for searing your favorite meats. 

Equipped with a five cast stainless steel burner, you are sure of several years of even heating and trouble-free cooking results. Also, the grill provides an exceptional 1026 sq—inches of cooking space, and its available with a convenient warming rack. Plus, the grill has piezo igniters on every valve, to make it a high-performance grill for your modern-day kitchen. As one of the most complete grills on the market, this unit is also available with 15, 000 BTU back burner and rotisserie kit. 

The Good

  • Can provide 90,000 BTUs of cooking power and heats up fast
  • Has a 304 stainless steel construction and single lined hood
  • Comes with reliable piezo igniters on every valve

The Bad

  • Could use better digital controls for convenience

Also Remember

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Blaze Grills 32-Inch Built-In 4-Burner Natural Gas Grill

Cooking has never been this convenient. Why? Well, the Blaze Grills 32-inch inbuilt natural gas grill is an excellent recommendation for your needs.

This unit can grill various types of meals, and it also has a unique commercial-style design. Even more, the unique grill structure will easily stop any likelihood of flare-ups occurring. Its all thanks to the unique flame stabilization grids, which also work well to improve the grill flavor.

This unit also has divided temperature zones. These are unique zones that have heat separators to make the cooking experience highly convenient. You will also be pleased with the easy and quick start function, which makes this unit easy to use. In particular, it consists of a unique push and turn flame-thrower primary ignition for user performance.

To take things to the next level, this unit also features a flash tube ignition or crossovers as an alternative. Clean up is also convenient, all thanks to the detachable rack and drip tray. Made to last, this grill features precision cut stainless steel and double lined grill hoods to make it perfect for cooking applications. 

The Good

  • Comes with flame stabilization grids for convenient use
  • Has an easy and quick start function
  • Equipped with a flash tube ignition and crossovers

The Bad

  • N/A
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Kenyon B70050 Frontier All Seasons Built-In Stainless Steel Electric Grill, 120V

Take your cooking experience to the next level when you have the Kenyon B70050 Frontier All Seasons Electric Grill. It’s a grill that will maintain all the flavor and juices without the fuss associated with using most traditional grills. Thus, you are sure of a safe technique for grilling, and without issues such as open flames. 

Made using Marine Grade 304 stainless steel material, this grill will provide many years of reliable cooking performance. It even comes with digital touch controls for convenient heat adjustments. Plus, the non-stick grate also imparts a unique grill mark, while also working well to seal the flavor and juices. Thanks to the concealed electric element, you are sure of a grill with minimal flare-ups, while also making up for a smokeless heat source.

On top of that, the grill also comes with an insulated lid, which works well to prevent accidental burns. It’s also detachable to make it easy and convenient to clean up. More so, the double-coated and nonstick grilling surface is also dishwasher safe for the best cooking experience. To make things even more convenient, the grill has an automatic shut off function in 60 to 90 minutes. Plus, its preheats in less than 7 minutes – perfect for preparing meals on the go. 

The Good

  • Comes with disposable drip tray traps
  • Preheats in less than 7 minutes and has an automatic shut off function
  • Fire same for flame-free cooking
  • Double coated and non-stick grilling surface 

The Bad

  • The drip tray traps are not easy to remove
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Lion Premium Grills L75623 32" Natural Gas Grill

Discover the excellence of the Lion Premium Grills L75623 Natural Gas Grill, which is perfect for grilling different types of meals. It’s a natural gas-powered grill, so you never have to worry about running out of energy.

 Equipped with an exceptional 830 sq. Inches of cooking surface, you are sure of more than enough space for preparing meals. The grill will also provide an outstanding 75,000 BTUs of heat to make it perfect for preparing all types of meats and more.

Moreover, the Lion Premium L75623 has a double layer seamless stainless-steel design, which is both durable and unique. Thus, you not only have a powerful grill for cooking but one that also blends with the interior décor of your kitchen. 

The makers of this unit have also done well to include an adjustable warming rack to make the grill suitable for cooking different meals. It even features an infrared rotisserie back burner, perfect for heating different types of meat as well. Also, the grill has two interior lights, so you will find it easy to monitor the cooking progress of your meals. The grill also has five commercial size push to turn knobs to make it convenient to customize for the cooking process. 

The Good

  • Provides 830 sq. inches of cooking space
  • Can deliver 75,000 BTUs of heat on a cooking surface 
  • Has a double-layer stainless steel construction
  • Comes with two interior lights for ease of use

The Bad

  • N/A  
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Bull Outdoor Products 87048 Lonestar Select Liquid Propane Drop-In Grill Head

Cooking can be fun when you have the right resources. Thus, this is why we also recommend the Bull Outdoor 87048 Lonestar Drop-In grill. The grill will provide an exceptional 60,000 BTUs of cooking power, and it also heats up fast. More so, the highly efficient design of the grill means that you will find it easy to sear your favorite cuts of meat. 

To make things better, the four welded stainless-steel burners will ensure years of even heat and trouble-free cooking. The grill also has an exceptional 304 stainless steel construction, which is durable and also perfect for preparing different types of meat. With the unique single piece dual lined hood and stainless steel grates, you have a fully functional grill – which is better than most modern cooking grills.

Capable of providing an exceptional 810 sq inches of cooking surface and a warming rack, this grill is an excellent addition to your kitchen. It even has reliable piezo igniters on every valve with a twin lighting system to make it easy to observe the cooking process. 

As one of the best grills on the market, this unit also has a 30-inch grill jacket for convenient use. More so, the unique finishing frame also makes the grill an excellent addition to most modern-day cooking environments. 

The Good

  • Can provide 60,000 BTUs of cooking power
  • Has a 304 stainless steel construction and dual lined hood
  • Has 810 sq inches of cooking surface and warming rack
  • Comes with a unique bull 30-inch finishing frame 

The Bad

  • Could have a better pre-heating time duration
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Blaze Built-In Grill with Lights (BLZ-5LTE2-NG), 40-inch, Natural Gas

Grilling indoors has never been this easy. Why? Well, the Blaze built-in grill has an affordable style grill design, which is perfect for grill applications. More so, the high-end features on this unit make it a stand out performer for every project. 

For instance, the grill comes with an exceptional 304 stainless steel construction, which ensures years of lasting performance. Furthermore, the grill can produce an exceptional 70,000 BTUs of heat, which is ideal for preparing meats and more. The inclusion of 9mm stainless steel cooking rods work well to maximize the durability of the grill. 

On top of that, the unique flash tube ignition and crossovers deliver an alternate ignition option, which is also highly convenient. With a removable warming rack, preparing your meals becomes easier than ever before. Thanks to the push heat zone separators included with this unit, you have a grill that can cook using individual temperature zones. Plus, the flame stabilization grids are perfect for stopping issues such as flare-ups during the cooking process.

To take things to another level, the grill has a double-lined grill hood, which ensures the outer layer is safe from heat discoloration issues. It even comes with heat illuminated control knobs, which are ideal for evening gatherings and for creating a sophisticated grill appearance.

The Good

  • Comes with 9 mm stainless steel cooking rod
  • Can deliver well over 70,000 BTUs of heat
  • Has a flash tube ignition and crossovers for convenient ignition
  • The Grill has a removable warming rack 

The Bad

  • Connecting it to a gas line is not easy
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Weber Summit S-460 Built-In Natural Gas in Stainless Steel Grill

Make your kitchen way more functional when you have the Weber Summit S-460 In bult natural gas grill. The grill comes with as many as three stainless steel burners to make it perfect for preparing several meals at the same time.

 Furthermore, the grill can provide a total of well over 60,000 BTU of heat, over different cooking surfaces. It’s a powerful grill that is ideal for enjoying a low-key night for grilling your favorite recipes.

Thanks to the large cooking area and vast features, this in-built gill delivers a world-class cooking experience to your backyard. You will even be pleased with the snap jet individual burner ignition system, for convenient gill usage. The grill has stainless steel flavor bars, which you can use to complement the taste of your meals. Moreover, the front access grease tray has a catch pan to help retain the juices and flavors of the meat. 

Equipped with a convenient in-built thermometer, you will find this grill easy to use to measure the temperature of your meats. The grill even has a grill cabinet and slide frame doors, to let you grill your meals like a pro!

The Good

  • Comes with4 stainless steel burners for convenient use
  • Front access grease tray with catch pan 
  • Has an Built-in lid thermometer

The Bad

  • The igniter system on this unit is delicate
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Alfresco ALXE-42-NG 42" Standard Grill Natural Gas Built-In Stainless

 We round off this list with the Alfresco ALXE 42 NG Natural Gas grill. It’s an outdoor grill with a heavy-duty construction, to ensure several years of reliable grilling performance. More so, the grill comes with a premium accufire titanium and stainless burner system, which is highly reliable for grilling applications.

You will also be pleased with the refractive ceramic briquettes and stainless steel grates that work well for cooking. These are unique grates that eliminate issues such as hot and cold spots for the best cooking results. 

On top of that, the natural gas grill comes with an integrated heavy-duty rotisserie system wit ha chain drive motor. As such, you are sure of a grill that delivers whisper-quiet operation and hassle-free performances for each project. Plus, this grill has many other unique functions that make it a stand out performer for your grilling needs.

For instance, it has a sear zone that has a “V-shaped” design and can reach temperatures of over 1500 degrees. Also, the premium cooking grates have a nonstick, and electropolished finish, which will provide professional grill marks every time. The flush-mounted infrared burners can produce an exceptional 18,500 BTU of heat. With a convenient wood smoking drawer, you are sure of a unit that can hold large chunks of wood, herbs, liquids, and more, for unmatched

The Good

  • Heavy-duty stainless-steel grill construction
  • Has refractive ceramic briquettes and stainless-steel grates
  • Comes with an integrated rotisserie system  

The Bad

  • N/A

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Built-In Grills

The act of cooking is thrilling, and it can become even that much more thrilling when you have the correct cooking resources. A good grill will make your cooking fun and convenient. Below is a guide to help you make an informed choice when buying the best built in grill:

Propane or Natural Gas and Material Construction

Propane is a naturally available source of energy and also easy to move around. Thus, it’s one of the main options when it comes to using built-in gas grills. That said, the in-built gas grills might require the use of an installation gas line for convenience. 

The material construction of your chosen grill is also an essential factor to consider. You want a grill that can withstand harsh weather elements. Usually, the best grill bodies are made using materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, and more. Aluminum is excellent because it can resist rust, structural fatigue, and more – plus it’s light in weight. Furthermore, stainless steel is also lightweight and cost-effective. Also, it can withstand issues such as rust for many years. Regardless of your preference, it’s good to go for a grill that is both durable and appealing. 


Before investing in gas grills, it’s good to consider the size of the grill in relation to the space you have available in your kitchen. According to most professional cooks, a total of 300 sq inches of cooking space would be adequate for four people. Furthermore, remember the difference between the size of a rack and the cooking space. If you have a large grill, it would be good to go for a grill with more than one burner for convenient heat circulation when cooking.

Plus, think of the amount of power and space you will require for the cooking process. On average, how many people will you be grilling for each session? Do you have sufficient space for the grill, or do reside in a condo or apartment that would work well with a smaller grill? Consider all these factors when choosing the ideal grill for your needs.

Do you cook burgers, ribs, or hot dogs? When a brand company refers to a “primary square inches,” it’s the size of the main cooking area. A grill with a large primary surface is ideal for preparing many burgers or ribs. More so, the term “secondary square inches” refers to the surface area of the warming rack. Some grills have warming racks that can keep food warm or those that can cook potatoes or vegetables. 

If you are searching for gas grills, ensure the grill will produce adequate heat to meals for the best results. Never pick a grill because it will produce high BTU levels. It would be better to compare the number with the size and shape of the grill. In fact, a smaller and compact grill can produce higher temperatures, with fewer BTUs but still prepare meals well. 

The key factors to consider when it comes to inbuilt grills and heating include:

Charcoal Grill Cooking

Unlike the gas grills, charcoal grills require a manual ignition function, which you may achieve by using a fluid or a lighter. Similar to a gas grill; however, you have to prepare food over the grate and the fire source. The drips will sizzle and create smoke – an essential aspect of making barbecue meats. You control the heat by regulating the amount of charcoal. More so, factors such as the flow of air also come into play when using grills. Usually, greater airflow provides more oxygen to the grill chamber, thus ensuring the charcoal burns at high temperatures. 

The main benefit of using a charcoal grill is that it imparts a unique flavour to make. The smoke produced by the food drippings will ignite over the coal, to help produce a unique and distinct taste which you cannot replicate with a gas grill.

Also, a charcoal grill is much less technical than the former. You won’t expect any burners to clog, iron grids to rust, or perhaps igniters that fail when use. As long as components such as the hinge, basin and lid are intact, your cooking will go well. 

  • Primary square inches – this refers to the specific surface area the grill or cooking surface provides
  • Secondary square inches – refers to the amount of space on the grill for warming racks and side burners 


Usually, built in gas grills ignite through two main types of systems, which are the button for spark production or an electronic system that needs a battery.

Take Care of Your Grill

Once you are through using the grill, ensure that you clean it correctly to ensure longevity and to avoid compromising the cooking surface with unusual tastes. It would be good if you can use mild detergents or cleaners as recommended by the brand company. Also, cover up the grill when its not in use. Most grills require cleaning when hot, except the porcelain types. These types tend to be delicate and might break when you rub then when hot. 

We hope this buyers’ guide will help you choose the best built-in gas grill for your place. Due to the substantial investment, these tips are essential. Make a checklist, and you will get the best results for your effort.

Grill Accessories

With the large number of accessories out there on the market, grilling is no longer limited to steaks and burgers. Aside from the conventional skewers and utensils, the best grill for your needs might feature: 

  • A griddle attachment, which provides high-end outdoor cooking functions. Some grills are available with an accessory, which you can use with the side burner. For grills that don’t have a side burner, consider a non-stick cast iron griddle. The griddle should sit directly on the grate to provide a convenient cooking surface.
  • A grill sheet or grill basket which you can use to ensure delicate foods won’t slip through the grate. Even more, a slotted sheet will allow even movement of heat to the food. It also works well for cooking meals such as fish and vegetables.
  • Remember components such as wok accessories, which ensures the crunch of your stir-fried vegetables won’t have to be relegated to the kitchen. Go for an outdoor-friendly wok that is compatible with your grill.
  • Get a pizza stone that will suit your gas or charcoal grill. The stone will help in the distribution of heat to ensure an excellent crust. Also, melted cheese and toppings will complement the taste of your pizza.
  • You can get a grill with a rotisserie, which works well for making juicy chicken or turkey
  • A meat thermometer ensures the food cooks evenly and is at the right temperature. Some come with Bluetooth connectivity, to make it easy to evaluate the status of the food from a wireless device.
  • A grill light ensures you can continue cooking even when the sun goes down.
  • You can add wood chips to help impart a smoky flavor your meats
  • The unique taste produced through charcoal grilling comes from the juices that drip on hot coal on your food. If you are searching for a gas grill, ensure you go for lava rock, ceramic briquettes, or pumice stones. 
  • Complete the process with a lined cover, which will improve the lifespan of your smoker, cooker or grill
  • When investing in accessories, ensure your grill or cooking appliance is suitable to use with the grill 

Best In Built Gas Grills Features

Most, if not all, inbuilt grills are fueled through liquid propane or natural gas to make cooking in the kitchen a highly convenient experience. Flip on the burners, and within a few minutes of preheating, it should be ready for the grilling process. The features to consider include:

  • Most good grills come with an ignition feature for convenient lighting
  • Consider additional features such as side burners, warming shelves, tool hooks, and wireless temperature monitoring. These are all your cooking needs in a convenient grill package.
  • Convenient temperature control means that you will find it easy to cook food fast and evenly
  • Some gas grills are available with a fuel tank gauge. Thus, you will find it convenient to determine the amount of propane you have available for each start.
  • Some brands are available with the direct hookup function. With no tanks to replace, you won’t have to worry about running out fuel during the cooking process. 


When it comes to grilling, you have to get the best resources if you want to achieve the best results. In this guide, we have outlined some of the best built in grills you can find on the market today. Along with this information, we have also included vital factors to consider when buying an inbuilt grill. Remember that choosing the ideal grill should not be a hurried process. Instead, take your time to look at different products and make an informed decision. When you are through, you will have a grill that not only cooks well but also complements the interior décor of your kitchen. So, get a good grill and instantly improve the functionality of your modern kitchen.