bbq turkey burgers

Best BBQ Turkey Burgers Recipes

While we all love a good and juicy hamburger, sometimes it’s good to change things up and try out a new recipe. Ground turkey is an excellent alternative, and it tastes good as well.

These BBQ turkey burger recipes are exceptional, and even kids love them when it comes to meals.

How Do You Keep A Ground Turkey Burger from Falling Apart?

You will have to grind the turkey meat for it to become a legitimate burger. Turkey burgers require specific ingredients to help glue the burgers together and ensure it never falls apart. The best recommendation is to use breadcrumbs and egg. Using breadcrumbs is ideal because it will absorb moisture, and the egg will act like glue to hold the burger together as you grill it.

For this recipe, you don’t need to use an egg. Instead, you can use BBQ sauce and mustard to act the glue to hold the burger together. If you find it challenging to hold ground turkey burgers, then consider using an egg mixture.

Another top consideration would be to prepare the burgers on a flat grill, rather than use an open-flame grill. Using such an approach will ensure the burgers can retain their shape as they cook, rather than falling through slats as you grill.

How to Keep Your Burger Juicy

how to keep your burger juicy

The main aspect of a good burger would have to be the “juice.” The secret to keeping it juicy would be to maintain the correct fat content. The process is easy when you have ground beef, but also remember that turkey is lean meat, and it may dry out easily. The following are some tips to help keep your burger juicy:

  • If possible, consider using dark turkey meat which you have to get at specific butchers
  • Add some moisture that has fat into the mixture. Consider using products such as yogurt, olive oil, avocado oil, or more. Aim for using an average of 2 tablespoons for each pound of ground turkey that you consume. 
  • Be gentle with meat consumption. You might be tempted to keep on mixing the meet; just ensure you stir it until the ingredient is well mixed. If you overwork the meat, it may become dense and challenging to cook. 
  • Flip the burger only once. The more you flip it on the grill, the more it will lose tender juices
  • Never overcook the burgers. Use a thermometer to test the doneness of the burger, and ensure you remove the turkey burger once it surpasses 160 degrees F. A digital thermometer is best for this process as it will provide accurate readings of the temperature. 

How to Cook Turkey Burgers on a Skillet

Cooking on a skillset is among the most effective techniques you can use to cook a burger. Remember that the meat will be glued together, which may make it difficult for the heat to reach the central sections. As such, you will have to regulate temperature consistently to ensure the results. Also, the application of the ingredients such as the sauce and seasoning have to be a careful process. 

Turkey burgers tend to be much leaner than a conventional hamburger. That said, they might be dry and dull when you decide to consume them without proper condiments. Thus, you have to moisten them by adding some ketchup and some grated onion to the ground turkey. Also, you can use mayonnaise or some bustard. The goal in this cooking process is to emphasize the condiments and ensure the turkey stays moist and retains the correct shape.


Ingredients for Turkey Burgers

  • Lean ground turkey – the best recommendation is to go to a reliable butcher, who should give you high-quality meat. 
  • Dried breadcrumbs – the best would the unseasoned types. Also, using homemade breadcrumbs can be a convenient option
  • Salt and pepper – remember that you will be adding salty toppings, such that you don’t overdo the burger. Consider using ½ tsp of salt, which should suffice for the process.
  • Garlic powder and onion powder – these tend to add a mild taste of spice and uniqueness to the meal, and won’t overpower other flavors
  • Mayonnaise – this is a sauce that helps maintain the taste and juiciness of the burger. Using regular mayonnaise should suffice. 
  • Worcestershire sauce – this sauce helps produce the flavor of the conventional beef hamburger. Even if you may have to use a small amount, it will add lots of taste to your meal.
  • Olive oil – using health oil will work great too for your burger. Olive oil is not only healthy but also has a unique taste.


  1. Heat one tablespoon of oil in a pan and then fry the onion gently for 5 minutes until its soft. Then, add some garlic and cook the mixture for 1 minute. Add some olive oil, breadcrumbs, and fry for a few minutes. Then, change it into a bowl and place the meal aside.
  2. Remember that heating ground turkey is a relatively delicate process, and you need to pay close attention to achieve the best results. Using olive oil also makes the cooking process convenient, as it’s much easier to use than conventional oil products. 
  3. Then, add the remaining ingredients to the cooled mixture, and ensure you dough it correctly with your hands. Season the meat to add some taste, and shape it into a few patties. Consider making them the same size for the best results.
  4. Heat the oven to about 200C/fan. Then, heat the remaining olive oil in a large and non-stick frying pan. Then, sear the burgers on either side until they produce the correct color, which is usually after 4 minutes. Then, transfer the meat to a baking sheet, and let it cook in the oven for 15 minutes. Then serve it in rolls and add some Worcester sauce. Why do you do this? Well, the sauce helps add a rich taste of barbeque flavor to the meat. You can also prepare some chutney, which you can add to the meat.
  5. For the chutney, heat 1 tbsp of olive oil on a pan, and then add some freshly chopped onions. Then, let it cook for a few minutes until its soft. You will then have to add one crushed garlic clove and let the mixture cook for a few additional minutes. Add one tbsp of sundried tomato paste, some chopped tomatoes, and sugar. Then, gently let it cook for 25 minutes until it becomes thick and rich. Use some seasoning to add taste to the meat, and let it cool for a few minutes before you serve it.

Why You Should Learn How to Cook A BBQ Turkey Burger

There are many reasons a BBQ turkey burger would be an excellent alternative to a conventional hamburger. Below are some of the key reasons as to why you should learn how to make turkey burgers:

  • Lean meat snack – if you are not aware, turkey meat is way leaner than the conventional meats you will find today. There is nothing better than a tasty and juicy snack, that is still juicy at the same time. 
  • Easy to flavor – due to the unique taste of the meat, you will find it easy to flavor using different types of condiments. You can spice it by using sauces or even seasoning. 
  • Easy to prepare – the other benefit of BBQ turkey is that it’s easy to manipulate into different shapes and products. 
  • Excellent snack alternative – yes, munching on juicy burgers is always a great experience. That said, it can even be better when you try out a different type of meat, and with quality, flavors to match.