bbq turkey breast in oven

BBQ Turkey Breast in Oven

If you are hosting a small group of people for the short holidays this year, grilling whole turkey might be making food that you need. To avoid food wastage and a full fridge – consider the BBQ turkey breast in oven recipe. Depending on the size of your group, this meal is ideal for an average of 5-6 people. Furthermore, it takes less time to cook, as when compared to the conventional turkey meal.

To add flavour to such a meal, there are various options you can consider. You can use flavorful and colorful butter, that is made using citrus or fresh herbs. Also, you can use half of it to rub under the skin of the turkey. Plus, you can melt the other half, and apply it to the surface of the turkey for a flavorful finish.

This recipe is prepared using a charcoal grill, and you can also adapt it for use on a gas grill. The process starts by preparing a medium-hot fire, and using an indirect cooking zone. 

A good alternative would also be to soak cherry or apple in water for about half an hour. Then, you will have to sprinkle drain wood chips on the charcoal, until you achieve the right flavour. Once the wood is fully smoked and the temperature is correct, place the turkey breast on the grill and over the indirect zone. The turkey should be able to stand independently, but you can use a roast holder if needed. Then, close the lid, and let the turkey breast cook.

NB: Remember that recipes do not require the use of unsalted butter. That said, it’s preferable to use salted butter in this recipe, and it would also be good to season the hard to reach meat under the skin.



  • Two teaspoons of paprika
  • One teaspoon of garlic 
  • Two teaspoons of sea salt
  • One teaspoon of coriander
  • One teaspoon of chopped chili
  • One teaspoon of Hawaiian seasoning

Steps Involved

Step 1

Thaw the turkey breasts if they are frozen. Then, heat the oven to about 400 degrees F. Then, place a small amount of cooking oil on the roasting pan. Using a small container, combine paprika, garlic powder, chopped chili and some spices. Then, place the turkey breast halves on the roasting pan. Then, set it aside.

Step 2

Get a hold of the breast bone, and insert your fingers between the mean and skin to help loosen the skin on the turkey. Then, lift the skin and add spices under the skin, and over the meat as well. Place a thermometer into the thickest section of the meat, and ensure you don’t cut the bone.

Step 3

During this step, you will roast the meat on the lower section of the oven for 25 minutes. Reduce the temperature to 355 degrees F. Then, roast for 80 minutes further, or until the reading on the thermometer is 170degrees F. Thus, the result should be the juices run clear, and the turkey roasts to a unique tan brown colour. Also, you can occasionally spoon pan juices over the turkey. Then, you will cover it with some foil for 10 minutes before you can slice them. Serve the chicken with our preferred sauce.

Kitchen tip: to simplify this process, you can apply some spicy mixture to the exterior of the turkey breast, to provide a crusty taste. Also, place foil over the turkey breast for a half an hour of roasting, to stop any burning complications.

Cranberry Barbecue Sauce



  • 1 cup of chopped onion
  • One tablespoon of cooking oil
  • 16 ounces of cranberry sauce
  • ½ a bottle of chili sauce
  • One teaspoon of cider vinegar
  • ¼ teaspoon of freshly ground pepper


Step 1

Using a medium saucepan, heat some onion in hot cooking oil, for a few minutes. Then add some cranberry sauce, chopped chili, Hawaiian spice and cider vinegar. Then, heat it to the boiling point, and reduce the heat. You will then have to simmer, uncovered, and stir the sauce only occasionally.

Step 2

Once the ingredients are heated for a few minutes, you should then serve them let it cool down before applying it to the chicken. Why? Well, the sauce tastes way better cold, than it would have been when hot or warm.

How to Serve the BBQ Turkey Breast

While the turkey should be delicious at this point, you should also consider serving it up with additional and health components. For instance, you can consider serving up the BBQ turkey breast with some compound butter and some barbeque sauce. Also, you can serve it along with a host of colourful and roasted vegetables. These include stalks of celery, chopped cucumber, lemons, tomatoes and chopped onions. Plus, you can add a touch of weight and legitimacy to the meal with some brown rice. 

Remember that butter can add a unique touch of taste to your meal. The turkey pieces in this recipe need compound butter, that is infused with fresh herbs. Consider using thyme, sage, oregano or rosemary. Also, butterfat makes up for a tasty way to drive the ginger and herb flavours into the skin of the turkey as it cooks. 

As a yummy bonus, the extra fat from the turkey skin will drip down to the roasting pan. Thus, it will infuse rich flavours into your roasted vegetables for even double the flavour.

Vegetable Variations

The list is endless when it comes to the diversity of vegetable variations you can incorporate into this meal. They include:

Rainbow carrots, celery, fingerling potatoes, onions, tomatoes, cabbages, spinach, parsnips, and more. Just ensure that you cut them up into the same sizes to ensure optimal cooking results.


Preparing a Compound Butter Rub

Compound butter is the term used to refer to softened butter that is mixed with additional ingredients. The compound butter is then mixed with some ingredients to help produce a unique flavour. Consider mixing the following in a small bowl: rosemary, oregano, salt, pepper, ginger, sage and more. 

Pat the turkey pieces dry by using some paper towels. Then, rub the butter mixture throughout the turkey pieces. The butter rub should moisten and flavour the slices of turkey as they roast in the oven.